How rooms communicate

By itself a room or a door does not communicate with other rooms. Rooms, floors, buildings are just a logical or physical arrangement.

What communicates between rooms are people, and people use different ways to communicate, some use Japanese, some use Spanish, Some use English and even some use their own language.

Network protocols are the languages that computers use to communicate with each other. They define the rules that computers must follow to communicate.

Each protocol has its own specific use.

Protocol Description Use
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol This is the basic protocol of the Internet and allows for reliable data transmission between computers. It is used for everything from web browsing to email to file sharing.
HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol This protocol is used to transfer data over the World Wide Web. It allows web browsers to request and receive web pages and other resources from web servers.
SSH Secure Shell This protocol is used for secure remote access to computers over the Internet. It provides encryption and authentication to ensure that the connection is secure.
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol This protocol is used to send email messages between computers. It is used by email clients to send messages to email servers, and by email servers to send messages to other email servers.
UDP User Datagram Protocol This protocol is used for fast, unreliable data transmission over the Internet. It is often used for video and audio streaming, where small delays or lost data are less important than speed.
SSL/TLS Secure Sockets Layer / Transport Layer Security These protocols are used to provide secure communication over the Internet. They are used by web browsers to encrypt data transmitted between web servers and web browsers, and by email clients to encrypt email messages.
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol This protocol is used to send error messages and other control messages between computers on a network. It is often used to test network connectivity and diagnose network problems.