Waju or whatever is called is a game that until this day I don’t know from where it comes. But, is fun.

Edit: The game is based on a German game called Mensch ärgere Dich nicht


The goal of the game is very simple:

  1. Move your marbles for one lap from your home to your goal.
  2. Don’t worry about winning but don’t let anyone else win.
  3. Have fun.



The board has six main components:


Shallow men believe in luck or in circumstance. Strong men believe in cause and effect. –Ralph Waldo Emerson


This is the waiting point and one of the most infuriating places you can be in the game, it’s also the place where you start.


The starting point of your home is always located in the first spot to the right of your home.

In the picture above is the spot that has the same colour as the home or marbles in this case.


This is where the battle happens.


I’ve seen people staying here for months!!

The void is a shortcut you can take only from your starting point or your corner and only if you roll a 5 or 1 respectively.

Once in the void, you can only move back to the road by rolling a 1 and only a 1 to your corner to the right.


  • Play the game with two dice.
  • Put up to 4 marbles in your home.
  • Each turn you roll two dice, and you get two movements
    • For each die:
      • If you roll 1 or 6, you roll again. And repeat as many times as you roll 1 or 6.
      • Only reroll after you finish your available movements.
  • You can spend a movement to take to the road a marble by rolling a 1 or 6 with any of your dice.
    • If you don’t have any marble on the road and you don’t roll a 1 or 6 your turn pass.
  • You can choose to spend the die in only the following ways:
    • Combine both dice and spend them in one marble.
      • For instance, use the sum of two dice to move one marble forward.
    • Spend one die in one marble and the second one in another marble.
      • For instance, spend one movement to take a marble out of your home and the second one to move forward another marble.
    • You cannot chose to spend two dice on the same marble in two movements on the same roll.
      • If you reroll due to a 1 or 6 you can choose to move that marble again
    • Taking out a marble from your home spends a movement and you *cannot move that marble again until your next turn or a reroll.
      • If you don’t have any other marble to move, you can spend two separate movements in one marble.
  • You cannot chose to spend only one die per roll.
    • Only if you reroll one die due to 1 or 6.
  • You can only move your marbles forward clockwise.
  • You cannot jump or stay in the same spot as one of your marbles.
  • If you put one of your marbles on the same spot as one of the other players, the other player’s marble must go to their respective home.
    • Enjoy the feeling :)
  • Bouncing back is possible, but must be your last choice
    • Happens when the only option is to move the marble that will bounce.
      • For instance, you should spend a movement to take a marble from home (if you have) to the road instead of bouncing.
  • For each marble you have, move them forward on the road for one lap and place them in your goal spots.
    • Other players cannot put their marbles on your goal spots.
      • are you safe?
  • You win if you put all your marbles on your goal.